Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Anyone keeping track of all of Rebel News' promised legal actions?

A wee homework assignment for the interested and/or bored: It was in late January when one Ezra Levant howled furiously about being fined all of $3,000 for breaking election finance laws and, as always, Ezra was not going to let a fundraising opportunity go to waste:

So, in order to avoid paying $3,000, Ezra set out to raise, well, over $100,000:

So the obvious question is: has Rebel News filed its appeal of this ruling, and is it serious about going through with this constitutional challenge? Because it seems like any normal person, hit with s $3K fine, and being handed $100K to deal with it, might just look at all that dosh and think, "Hmmmmmmm ....".

In any event, it seems only fair to ask whether anyone can point at the filed appeal. I don't think that's unreasonable.

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MgS said...

*Yawn* Ezra is misrepresenting the ruling that didn't go in his favour to whip up the mouth-breathing rubes that follow him. He might as well take up grenade fishing.