Thursday, March 25, 2021

Grifters gonna grift: Urban Dictionary edition.

A loyal follower sends me what might be the funniest and most relevant screenshot of the year -- a definition of the word "grift" courtesy of the Urban Dictionary, and if this definition doesn't just scream "Rebel News," nothing does.


Could that highlighted portion be any more perfect? Seriously, does that not, in every possible aspect, describe Rebel News in all its splendour and glory for the last few months?

Only a few months ago, it was Ezra, screeching piteously, "You need to give me $380,000 or we could fold!!!" This week, it's Ezra, sobbing inconsolably, "You need to give me $400,000, or we could fold!!!" And in between, it's always, "One of our reporters was arrested for being David Menzies; send bail money!"

When it comes to Rebel News, that definition is *chef's kiss* perfection, is it not?

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