Saturday, January 15, 2005

Why we really, really despise Bill O'Falafel -- part deux.

It's not like you need even more reasons to dislike that sack of pathological dishonesty that passes for a human being, but Bill O'Falafel manages to embarrass his species even more when he weighs in on the latest non-controversy -- that two left-wing, admittedly partisan bloggers worked for Democratic presidential candidates. I may have more to say about this in a bit, but the spin from the right is that, whoa, that's awful, it's just like what (journalistic whore) Armstrong Williams did.

Oh, please.

If you want to get up to speed on this whole idiocy, just wander over to DailyKos and get caught up. There's a sweet, sweet smackdown of this crap over at CampaignDesk that's definitely worth the read, but the salient point in all of this is that, unlike (journalistic whore) Armstrong Williams, neither Markos nor Jerome made any effort to hide what they were doing, and were quite up front about it.

And yet ... and yet ... Kos, down toward the bottom of this posting, has this priceless excerpt from O'Falafel's show:

HUGH HEWITT [AUTHOR]: No, Bill. In fact, the idea of payola is very dangerous. Bloggers on the take are very bad for the business of blogging. Blogging of real journalists, and people like Power Line and like InstaPundit and myself, we don't like it when Daily Kos shows up on the take of the Howard Dean campaign. Now Daily Kos says, this is one of the bloggers from the left, says he disclosed it, but not to the satisfaction of anyone who watches him. I didn't know.

O'REILLY: Aw, this is bunk. This is bull. Nobody knew about this.

Apparently, in Bill's world, if Bill didn't know about it, well, then, nobody knew about it. Apparently, Bill is the standard of universal knowledge against which all others shall be measured. All this despite the fact that, at the end of this posting, Kos provides numerous links to online news organizations that certainly knew exactly what was going on.

And Bill O'Falafel once again justifies Al Franken's opinion of him. Quelle surprise.

COMING SOON: "Lazy equivalence", "deliberately dishonest equivalence" and the inaugural Gatsby awards.

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