Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Actress Sandra Bullock donates $1 million for tsunami relief; conservatives sneer.

(CC News) - Actress Sandra Bullock
has just donated $1 million towards emergency aid relief to help the victims of the recent tsunamis in a number of Southeast Asian countries. In response, a number of conservatives and right-wing commentators, rather than praising Bullock, sniffed disdainfully at her generosity.

"Big deal," wrote 'Jay Gatsby', a conservative blogger. "She only gave a million. Pfizer gave ten million. So she just sucks."

When told that Bullock is a single person, whereas Pfizer is a worldwide, multi-national pharmaceutical company with over 100,000 employees and a market value of more than $250 billion, Gatsby replied, "So what? All that matters is the amount. What a stingy bitch. And her movies stink, too."

Gatsby then went on to describe elementary school children who have been donating their weekly allowances to emergency relief as "a bunch of cheap little fuckers."

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dabydeen said...

I think foul ole Jay is going to take jis right-wing rifle and head on up north to hunt himself some Canajuns.