Sunday, January 02, 2005

More Republican morals and ethics

Washington (WP): As part of his pledge to bring decency, morality and ethics back to government, Bush is backing House Republican leaders' plans to
gut House ethics rules:

House Republican leaders are urging members to alter one of the chamber's fundamental ethics rules, which would make it harder for lawmakers to discipline a colleague.

The proposed change would essentially negate a general rule of conduct that the ethics committee has often cited in admonishing lawmakers -- including Majority Leader Tom DeLay -- for bringing discredit on the House even if their behavior was not covered by a specific regulation. Backers of the rule, adopted three decades ago, say it is important because the House's conduct code cannot anticipate every instance of questionable behavior that might reflect poorly on the chamber.

In related news, Bush also promised to reduce the tax burden on the struggling lower class by making sure they're paid less money. "If you make less money, you pay less taxes," explained Bush. "It's just common sense." He then went on to explain how he was going to strengthen environmental protections by cutting down more trees.

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