Saturday, January 01, 2005

U.S. annnounces massive increase in tsunami aid relief.

In the wake of criticism that it was being unconscionably stingy with aid relief, the United States recently announced that it will increase its aid pledge from $35 million to
$350 million.

"This has nothing to do with one-upmanship or being guilted into it," said Secretary of State Colin Powell. "This is all about pitching in in a spirit of humanity and charity, with nothing but concern for our fellow human beings. It's not a contest."

When told by a reporter that Japan had just increased its aid pledge to $500 million, Powell replied, "Son of a bitch. Those sneaky little bastards."

In a related announcement, President Bush announced that he would fund the new aid increase by pulling all troops out of Iraq two days early, sometime in 2013.


Anonymous said...

gatsby: spoken like a true 17 year old. get off your personal vendetta against this blogger and get a life. truly, this is getting really tiresome reading.

Anonymous said...

furthermore, I wonder if this particular 17 year old has even bothered to question his belief system. Hey big guy: I recommend Plato, not Hobbes. I also recommend a few more years under your belt to find how much being a working stiff in Bush's America really sucks.