Friday, January 14, 2005

Can anyone ever stop these dingbats?

What John said.

Friday morning update: Whoops, apparently, someone had second thoughts (and note carefully the phrase "dropped its plans", which clearly shows that they really had planned to do this in the first place):

The Virginia-based missionary group WorldHelp has dropped its plans to place 300 Muslim "tsunami orphans" in a Christian children's home, the group's president, the Rev. Vernon Brewer, told news agencies yesterday.

Here's the best part, a quote from Brewer:

"Once we became aware that the government had refused to let these children be placed in a Christian home, we immediately stopped all fundraising efforts for the remaining 250 Indonesian orphaned children and appeals were removed from our website," the e-mail said.

Translation: We can't preach to them? Fuck 'em. Let 'em die.

Later Friday morning update: Just when you think you can't get any more outraged by these opportunistic hacks, well, there's more:

... evangelists like Wisconsin native Mark Kosinski say it's impossible to separate relief activities from sharing the Gospel. He acknowledged he was warned to tone down his message but says he has "a job to do."

"These people need food but they also need Jesus," said Kosinski, who arrived this week from Malaysia. "God is trying to awaken people and help them realize that salvation is in Christ."

You have to admit, there's nothing like facing a traumatized, possibly sick child that just lost its parents and comforting that child by telling it that its religious beliefs are so much pig swill. Yes, that'll win hearts and minds, won't it?

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