Saturday, January 15, 2005

Attention blogger formatting weenies.

OK, a simple question for you blogger experts: What's the magic incantation to render some text literally in the middle of an article? That is, I'm looking for the equivalent of HTML's "pre" start and end tags, so I can literally display some HTML content without blogger trying to render it as actual HTML.

I've tried "pre" and a couple other tags, but nothing so far. Hints?


Anonymous said...

holy shit: read this link to steve gilliard's outrageous and fucking rocking letter

CC said...

From CC:

There is just one thing about that article that grates on me, and that is that Steve Gilliard's name is spelled incorrectly. Yes, it's picky, pedantic and anal-retentive, but Jesus, I've always felt that if you're going to refer to someone for the world to read, fer cryin' out loud, take the three seconds it requires to notice how they spell their name. Grrrrr ...

Anonymous said...

"picky, pedantic and anal-retentive"

don't kill the messenger.

-get over it