Wednesday, January 26, 2005


this online piece over at CNN:

Thirty-one Marines were killed in a helicopter crash near Iraq's border with Jordan, bringing the number of U.S. troops killed Wednesday to 36 -- the deadliest day for U.S. forces since the start of the war in Iraq.

I guess that's what you would call having a bad day. But hey, not to worry -- democracy is taking root, freedom is on the ring, ... or whatever is the dyslexism of the day.


CC said...

From CC:

Apologize? For what? I'll tell you what, Jay. When you can convince me that you give a shit about these people, I'll think about it.

How about that? Is it a deal? Until then, how about we keep the sanctimonious, right-wing braying to a minimum, shall we?

CC said...

From CC, part 2:

By the way, Jay, before you go suggesting that the entire world feel your pain regarding the deaths of American soldiers in Iraq, I'd like to see you link to a single post you've ever made feeling any sympathy whatsoever for the thousands of dead, Iraqi civilians killed by the invading troops. Go ahead, Jay. I haven't even gone back through your blog archives, but I'm feeling pretty confident you've never felt their pain. So, go ahead. Prove me wrong. Post that link so we can all see it.

And, in case you needed any reminding, it's all of us evil, hateful, left-wing liberals who have been protesting to get the troops out of Iraq. You know -- so they don't have to die in stupid, unnecessary helicopter accidents. It's your imperialistic, right-wing buddies running things down there that sent all those folks to war, ill-trained and ill-equipped, with not enough armor to protect themselves.

But, hey, it's always convenient to blame someone else, isn't it, Jay? You folks really are the "It's everyone else's fault" crowd, aren't you?

And, by the way, Jay, you and your right-wing hack colleagues really are the last folks who should be criticizing anyone you think is mocking a tragedy like this. Apparently, you've already forgotten all about this.

Jay McHue said...

Nothing like hypocritically changing the subject in order to take heat of yourself, is there, CC?

Par for the course, I guess.

CC said...

From CC:

Nice try, McHue. But as everyone can read, I directly addressed Gatsby's issues, both here and in my later post. Feel free to help him come up with some rebuttals. I can wait.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you read Jay's Blog and find out what these Brave Soldiers go through everyday, so you can have the opportunity to criticize. If you can just analyze and forsee the future a little, you would understand what we are trying to accomplish in that region. These people have no rights and are oppressed from Islamic Fascist who want you and me to convert to their religion by all means necessary. Read their Koran, analyze their actions and the way they rule their people through tyranny, without opportunities. We are so fortunate to live the way we do. We have the freedom to criticize and to blame others without getting killed the next day. Trying doing that under that type of government. We are only trying to help out Humanity, isn't that what liberals are all about. We're trying to free an oppressed country and at the same time prevent us from having to deal with these crazy dictators when they have the potential to destroy us with WMD or Nuclear Weapons...With the spread of democracy we can lessen it. Think about it just a little bit, for the future of our country, for the future of our children and their children, for the future of HUMINITY. We are not the bad guys. We are the guys going in to help those that can't do it for themselves. Just do some research, I'm sure you have access to it, on all the times that democracy has been shot down by tyrants. Just think about all the people around the world trying to get to the United States of America because of the obvious reasons, freedom and opportunity versus a US citizen trying to escape to another country or other democratic countries...The privilages in the US are staring at you everyday. This country is the most successful civilaztion EVER, because of our FREEDOM. If you don't beleive that, your not doing your homework!!