Saturday, January 15, 2005

A little high-tech in-your-face bragging.

And shortly, I should be getting my hands on my new kick-ass, laptop. 1.8GHz processor, 1G RAM, 60G 7200 RPM drive, Wide Screen UXGA display, from which I will ruthlessly wipe the pre-installed evil that is Windows XP, to replace it with God's own operating system -- Red Hat's Fedora Core 3 Linux.

Yes, you have my permission to be intensely jealous.


Nonya Bidness said...

im sorry but i cant be jealous of a dell. however you are forgiven for ridding yourself f XP and relacing it with my penguin friend.

Anonymous said...

God? did you really say God? methinks you may be under the influence of some strange, shall we say, brew? perhaps you meant something more like, "Darwin's own operating system"? of course, that's just a wild guess on my part.