Friday, January 07, 2005

A prostitute by any other name ...

Hey, if you stuff a quarter million dollars up my butt, I'll say nice things about them, too.

UPDATE: Williams Column Axed by TMS. But don't feel too badly for Williams:

John Twohey, vice president of editorial and operations at TMS, told E&P tonight that terminating the contract "wasn't a close call" after he and four other senior TMS executives discussed the matter.

"I understand the decision," Williams said when reached by E&P. He also said he would not be returning the $240,000.

I believe this is what they call "laughing all the way to the bank". Gosh darn that liberal media.

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Anonymous said...

if that's really true, then you are full of shit. you are willing to be paid off to say anything? it's not what you have consistently said on this blog. your point could be said differently, by not abiding the fuckwads. there are simpletons who read this shite and believe it. that you are sarcastic misses the point.
240k, to preach to the converted? fuck that. the guy has exposed himself at the expense of himself.

and you have bowed down by posting this ridiculous statement. you are losing credibility. I thought you were above that, you are just like all the rest. guess I gotta find another blog that speaks the truth without blame. fuck you canadian. look hard at yourself and at your priorities.