Sunday, January 23, 2005

The 101st Fighting Keyboarders run into a little trouble.

(CC News) -- A number of self-proclaimed macho, he-men, right-wing Bush supporters apparently got more than they bargained for when they tried to disrupt an anti-Bush demonstration:

Hundreds of people gathered at both ends of Meridian Hill Park in Northwest Washington for a peace rally sponsored by the D.C Antiwar Network.

But there were interlopers: Thirteen members of ProtestWarrior, supporting the Bush administration and its policies in Iraq. When the Bush supporters arrived, about 20 black-clad, self-described anarchists emerged from the crowd, shouting profanity and epithets and demanding that they leave the peace rally.

When the Bush supporters refused to leave, the anarchists tore the sign out of the Bush supporters' hands and stomped on them. When ProtestWarrior leader Gil Kobrin objected, several male anarchists knocked him to the ground, kicking him in the back and punching him. Other anarchists punched and shoved Kobrin's 12 colleagues.

After D.C. Antiwar Network members broke up the fight, the Bush supporters heeded their order to leave the park. Kobrin then called D.C. police, who are now guarding them at the entrance of the park as they hold up their pro-war signs. "We're going to hang tight," Kobrin said. "We're expressing our freedom of speech just as they are expressing theirs."
"I don't see what their problem is," said Kobrin during an interview, cowering behind a phalanx of D.C. police and occasionally whimpering like a little girl. "I mean, all we did was spend the last four years questioning their patriotism, calling them un-American, Saddam lovers, locking their protests into "free speech" zones and even having them arrested if they show up to protest at all and this is how they treat us. Man, it's like they're taking it personally or something."

When questioned about any future protest plans, Kobrin suggested that, as soon as his scratches heal, he and his fellow Warriors were thinking of heading down to a local biker bar, wearing t-shirts that said, "Only fags ride Harleys."

Upon overhearing this, one of the district policemen just shook his head and was heard to mutter, "Are they all this f**king dumb?"


Jay McHue said...

lol! I love your rationalization of the "peace" protesters violent actions. Oh, poor you! You've been sooooooo persecuted over the past 4 years. Boo-hoo-hoo! That means that anything you do - up to and including murder - is perfectly understandable and the people who are the targets of your violence are "just getting what they deserve."

That's liberalism for you. Don't be accountable for your own actions. Blame someone else. "It's Bush's fault! It's the Republicans' fault! It's the Christians' fault! It's Jinx's and Jay's fault!" Is it any wonder that you guys are losing elections (and having to resort to trying to steal them)?

Jay McHue said...
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