Friday, January 07, 2005

Bush administration totally callous, self-absorbed scumbags after all.

Just when you were ready to give these evil pricks some credit for maybe, just maybe, giving a shit about the millions of victims of the disaster in Southeast Asia, along comes
this absolute gem of information:

The Bush administration said Monday that it would pay for its $350 million pledge of tsunami disaster relief from money already in this year's budget, rejecting the idea of asking Congress to approve immediate emergency funds to cover the costs...

The administration plans to rely largely on money in the international disaster and famine assistance program at the United States Agency of International Development, according to Mr. Kolton...

That program's budget is $384.9 million for the fiscal year of 2005. The initial $350 million for the tsunami disaster would nearly eliminate funds available for any disaster later in the year.

Let me put that in simple terms -- these jerk-offs are going to pretty well empty the USAID fund to cover the cost of the announced pledges. In short, it's not costing them anything -- they're just going to completely fuck over those parts of the world that would have received USAID assistance this year. But I don't imagine that's going to cause any heartburn among the conservative faithful. After all, it's just the amount that counts, right?

But it's not like it's all bad news. Even if the Bushies aren't interested in finding any extra money for disaster relief, they're going to hit up Congress for another $100 billion for killing people. Remember, boys and girls -- it's all about priorities.

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