Wednesday, January 12, 2005

George Clooney slaps the crap out of Bill O'Falafel.

Over here at DailyKos. Delicious stuff.


Anonymous said...

maybe we hate o'reilly because he's a persistant LIAR and will find the most OUTRAGEOUS issues and events, blow them out of proportion and then our congresspeople wonder why they're getting constituant mail all of a sudden about mexicans INVADING the US? jesus christ, jay. wake up and smell reality. it sucks, I assure you. and contrary to what herr gott, I mean BUSH, tells us, its a real bitch to reframe reality.

Anonymous said...

our dislike for mr O'Reilly has nothing to do with views and everything to do with misrepresentation. thanks CC for posting ample evidence to this effect. the sad part is I used to watch his show. in short order I realized he was full of crap.

you know, jay, the more we argue with you the more I think you shouldnt shut up. you should keep telling yourself these things and then when youre older and youve been screwed by your representatives, your government and your environment, maybe it will dawn on you that conservatism is simply not sustainable. and you'll be a convert. you know, converts are the most devout. or maybe you already know that.