Saturday, April 07, 2007

Different day, same dumbassitude.

Poor Brian ... no matter how many times you smack him with a rolled up newspaper, he just doesn't learn.

: Even the WaPo's own columnists are bitch slapping their editorial board around the room over this one.

Cue Mr. Lemon promising that, if this turns out to be a bogus story, he'll delete the post. You know ... like the way he did that with the last one.

, for those of you who don't remember history ...

AND THE HITS KEEP ON COMING: The Carpetbagger Report covers this nicely, including the following gem of a comment:

If you really want to have some fun, go read the comments to the editorial [available here], particularly those from the shrieking sedentary one-handed militants of WingerWorld. Why is it these people always manage to prove themselves sixth-grade dropouts with their ability to use the English language? I sometimes think posts by Wingers must really be part of a lefty disinformation campaign, to show them as the halfwitted illiterate trailer trash they are.

Q: How do you make a wanker look like a moron?
A: Quote him accurately.


Ti-Guy said...

Looking at that clip at Talking Points Memo, it really reminds me of why I hate television news: there's such a limited time to get out what people feel the need to say to the point where everyone's talking over each other and nothing all that meaninful ends up being communicated.

CC said...

To be fair, I thought Robinson made all the necessary points he needed to make in the time he had.

And, remember, that was only a partial clip. There may have been more we didn't see.

Ti-Guy said...

There was still too much cross-talk, and a lot of people (those who are less able to focus) tend to get distracted easily by that.

I don't feel like being fair; I detest television news in the format it's usually done these days. If I were dictatorial, I'd recommend banning it, or insist it be done to standards practiced by BBC World or the CBC.

Anonymous said...

Ti-Guy, you're funny!

Ti-Guy said... Ann Coulter.

Anonymous said...

Ah ... no!

Anonymous said...

You're funny in a DIFFERENT way.

Ti-Guy said...

That's nice.

Anonymous said...

Not really.