Friday, August 12, 2005

When ideology trumps reality, it's not a pretty sight.

From over at Terminally Boneheaded in the Great White North, we have "Angry" getting an absolute woody without the use of a 1-900 number:

e-Darwinism: Stupidity costs a liberal his job

Who sends poison pen letters using his work address? A guy too stupid to hold a job, apparently...

Oh man, that's too funny. I mean, just how stupid do you have to be? For crying out loud, get yourself a Yahoo email account for that sort of thing...

Yeah, spreading a message of vulgar intolerance and hate via your employer's e-mail system -- that's pretty damned stupid, isn't it?

Now, doing it on the air ... well, that's different.

Angry's new motto: "Almost as witty as Monte Solberg."

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Anonymous said...

Did you catch the latest statement Angry made about "time to move on"... he admitted that he was exploiting the situation for the blog-traffic uptick!