Sunday, August 28, 2005

Forgiveness: it's not for everyone, you know.

(CC News) -- In a touching demonstration of compassionate conservatism, right-wing blogger "Right Ho" has suggested that, since Pat Robertson has apologized for his call to assassinate democratically-elected Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, he should be forgiven and that his apology "effectively brings this episode to an end."

"Sure," said Right Ho, "Robertson first lied about making that suggestion. And, yes, he then changed his story and claimed that it was just some off-the-cuff adlibbing. And, sure, he didn't actually apologize on the show but just on his web site."

"But," continued Ho, "I think it's the underlying intent that's important, that even if he was a complete sleazebag and liar, that we find it in our hearts to accept his mealy-mouthed, pathetic apology, forgive him and move on."

In unrelated news, Ho was still calling for the impeachment of former president Bill Clinton, describing him as a lying, hypocritical scumbag whose apology meant nothing and who should be tossed into prison to rot for the rest of his life although, to his credit, Ho was prepared to compromise on whether or not Clinton deserved the death penalty.

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