Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Weasel Boy Watch: Day 7 and done.

Oh, dear. Apparently, we shouldn't be holding our breath for Weasel Boy to demonstrate any honesty or integrity. Boy, am I shocked or what?

As my long-suffering readers will recall, back here in the comments section, Weasel Boy got an absolute hard-on describing how military recruiting in the U.S. was just zipping along, peachy keen and all:

No, SID, you were right on the money with the military exceeding their recruiting goals. Just read about that today.

Sadly for WB, the source of much satisfied stroking over this in the rightwing wankersphere was a New York Post article by one Ralph Peters, which Peters was forced to quickly retract:

Correction: My article in yesterday’s paper (“The Real Iraq News”) contained a substantial error: The new-enlistment rates I cited were wrong...

Yeah, it's always kind of embarrassing when something you write has a "substantial error." None of which matters to our very own WB who, to this day, has yet to issue an update or correction to his grandiose claims, although he apparently does have the time to make a feeble attempt at humour to laugh it off.

I think maybe it's time for WB to give it a rest and give the keyboard back to Daddy.

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