Sunday, August 28, 2005

New Orleans is sinkin', man ...

... and I don't wanna swim. Apparently, God is really pissed with red states these days. I'm thinking that a lot of those folks are going to be needing lumber for rebuilding after all this is over. What a coincidence.

Maybe Pat Robertson could help out, if he's not too busy:

In his own inimitable style, Pat's first newsworthy statement to the New York Times indicated he had a divine endorsement. In June, Pat had led a prayer vigil urging God to spare Virginia Beach from the wrath of Hurricane Gloria. Perhaps God was listening, because Virginia Beach was spared. (But then again, Gloria landed on Long Island and Boston, inflicting $320 million in damage. Couldn't God have simply caused the storm to dissipate?) Anyway, Pat told the Times that the event was "extremely important because I felt, interestingly enough, that if I couldn't move a hurricane, I could hardly move a nation."

So, Pat, if all kinds of bad shit goes down here, we can assume it's all your fault, right?


Anonymous said...

I dont know why everyone is picking on Pat. Just look at him... those puffy cheeks, the jowly smile, clearly he is just the nicest guy. Dont you know the 700 Club tries to help people? gosh!

Anonymous said...

Where can we wager on the number of deaths from this hurricane?
I've got $20 on the Dome collapsing and killing hundreds.
Any takers?

Canadian Perasma said...

Hi..guess what?? Louisiana had been a blue state previously and it's actually a purple state battleground now.

Bush is and has always been on thin ice in Louisiana.
Really though, does it matter? What kind of progressive are you if you're letting partisan agenda cloud your view that other humans are going to be affected in such a terrible way?

It's one thing to be cynical, it's another thing to be ignorant. I fail to see how your post or any of these comments are "progressive" in any way shape or form when about 1 million people might lose their homes, mostly poor and black. Not to mention the environmental damage this hurricane will cause. Have fun with those factoids.

Your deflection of the 1st paragraph statement back onto Pat Robertson doesn't absolve your callous, UNprogressive and dare I say UNCanadian post.

I demand a retraction and apology for your offensive post.

Dr.Dawg said...

It's just satire, people. Some of the folks here would have gone after Jonathan Swift for writing "A Modest Proposal": "Doesn't he know that famine kills real people?" "Joking about eating babies is disgusting!" "He's an anti-Irish racist!" Etc.

But, on second thought, perhaps this kind of reaction is an essential part of satire's interactive dynamic. Pile on! :)

Dave T. said...

YOU ARE UNCANADIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 I DEMAND A RETRACTION FOR YOUR OFFENSIVE POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

I demand a sense of humour for Joseph Wilburn.

Mark Richard Francis said...

Clearly a satire of the 'good' rev Robertson. There is nothing here made at the expense of Katrina's potential victions. It's all on Robertson's lap.

I read this post and never thought of it as off-putting. Actually, I thought it pertinent and current.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of my fellow Americans even know that song? Let alone who does it.

PR said...

Hopefully Katrina will veer east and mow down Ocala Florida, taking Meaghan Champion with it.

Ha ha, I'm such a satirist. I kill me.