Monday, August 29, 2005

Time to move this discussion elsewhere.

Given the (completely justifiable) concern that this little Katrina-related fracas will tar the entire Progressive Bloggers community, I figure it's in everyone's best interest if I remove myself from the PB blogroll. I'm not done with this topic yet by any means, but I'm well aware that there are members of the PB community that aren't happy with my postings, and they're entirely within their rights to feel that way.

Ergo, I'll just ask Scott to drop my membership. If you want me, hey, you know where to find me.


Anonymous said...

Terrible, terrible mistake, CC.

Mark Richard Francis said...

Stay. The whole thing is silly.

From Lily Tomlin, via Bilmon
"No matter how cynical I get, I just can't keep up."

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Absolutely you shouldn't leave.

I don't believe for a minute you want a hurricane to reap massive destruction. I took exception to the tone of the post.

As I said, I think you're real beef is with the American administration, and not with average Americans.

Oxford County Liberals said...


I thought I'd let you know that I've not the power or authority to remove you from the list... that would normally be Wayne Chu.. but as he's away that responsibility is now with Bart Ramson (of CalgaryGrit).

I've forwarded your request to him and he will deal with this matter.

Dr.Dawg said...

No, stay. You're just having the equivalent of an Angry In the Great White North "Sheehan moment."


Anonymous said...

Please stay. The PB are about a multitude of different opinions. Of course, not all members will always agree with all views - this is due to the very nature of PB, which comprises Liberals, Dippers, Greenies and even the occasional Tory.

Zorpheous said...

If you leave CC, The Wingnuterer will have to attack you with our own flavour of the truth. Please don't make me Do It!!!

Mark's right, the whole thing is sillier than the Wingnuterer, and we're a bunch of nuts!

So you had better stay or I'm going to send you a WMD ICED with FFF on the side.


Simon Pole said...

The team needs you CC. Don't let the team down!

Mike said...

CC this is silly. Stay. Once controversial post does not a paraih make.

What if they took Swift seriously?

Stay baby.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

Well, allow me to add to the chorus. There MAY be reasons (maybe) for someone to withdrawl from PB, but this isn't even in the same postal code as whatever those reaosns might be.

No one here seems to want you to leave (at all), and I'd take note of that before making any decisions. I'd be very disappointed if ANYONE left PB without some huge and overwhelming call for it (if even then), and the only thing overwhelming I sense around here is people's desire for you to stay.

Zorpheous said...

There you have it CC, you can't leave. we won't tolerate you leaving, you have to stay, OR ELSE!!

Or else what, you ask?

Or else we release the savage flying squirrel of death on you

Lindsay Stewart said...

cc old bean, this is one of my favourite blogs and a site that has been very kind to me. let me add my voice to the choir insisting you remain on p.b. after all, the snark is a trademark of your work and i submit that is just fine to shock and or offend those of the easily twisted knickers. hell, take a look at almost any rude pundit post and you'd be sure to have material fit to offend a wide spectrum of readers. this will all blow over soon enough (nyuck nyuck)

Anonymous said...


I'd put the vote in for staying as well. We're a big group with varying sensibilities. We're all bound to offend each other once in a while, it's inevitable.

Hell, I try to offend you all constantly, it's just that no one seems to notice. Joe'll get over being upset by your post, life'll go on.

-Socialist Swine

P.S. Until this all blows over maybe you could post an entry about how we should put ugly kids into burlap sacks and throw them into the river. That'll really give people something to get up in arms about! (Now before anyone calls for a boycott, I was joking. I wouldn't advocate drowning ugly kids, only dumb ones.)

Annamarie said...

Please don't leave, C.C. This is the first time I've stumbled upon Progressive Bloggers and read your blog, but I like your gutsy, outspoken style, and you do say what many others think but are too PC [chicken-s***] to verbalize. Your unabashed honesty is sorely needed in this insane world. As it turns out, I also agree with you. I post similar - albeit much tamer - posts on my site: So please stay! I look forward to more of your refreshing commentary! Regards, Annamarie

daveberta said...


I agree with Mark. The whole thing is a little silly.

Personally, I'm quite jealous of all the attention you're getting! I was sure I'd inflamed someones sensibilities by now (anonalogue being the exception), but apparently I'll have to step up my efforts.

Hope you stay.