Saturday, August 13, 2005

Dear Progressive Bloggers of Canada:

I'm not deliberately trying to clog up the "User's Choice" area of the web site with my rantings. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's a software glitch. Really. At least that's the story I tell my clients.


Oxford County Liberals said...

Hey..if the users like your stuff, they'll rate the story up.

If they dont.. the story eventually falls down the list as other stories from other sites get added. Dont worry about it :)

Anonymous said...


Send your RSS/Atom feed to Wayne Chu (or send your question to him about how to get the feed working)

pogge said...

Mr. Bear:

The feed link for Blank Out Times is:

I just tested it. All Blogger blogs have an Atom feed and I think it's enabled by default. But a lot of bloggers don't seem to know it.