Monday, August 29, 2005

And the irony just goes on and on ...

From back in July of this year, we had this ominous prediction:

The 2004 hurricane season was one of the worst on record and forecasters predict this year could be even worse...

Wow. And what might be responsible for that? Oh ...

Climate change could make future hurricanes stronger, but whether the effect is measurable is still a matter of debate. It is also unknown whether it will change the total number of storms.

Kevin Trenberth from the National Center for Atmospheric Research claims that warmer oceans and increased moisture could intensify the showers and thunderstorms that fuel hurricanes.

Right. Global warming. The global warming that the current Bush administration still doesn't believe exists.

My head hurts just trying to absorb the doublethink in all of this.

BY THE WAY ... where exactly is Commander Chimpy while all this bad craziness is going down all along the Gulf Coast? Ah, here he is, zipping off to Arizona and California to talk about Medicare. Always on top of things, that Chimpy.


Anonymous said...

George Bush:
"la la la la la, I like Oil so I'll pretend I don't hear you...besides who can hear anything over this la la la la."

Meaghan Champion said...

Hey CC,
I feel a King of the Hill snippet coming on:

DALE: I know what's wrong with your truck. It's your quote unquote pollution controls. I heard on talk radio you don't even need 'em, they're just an egghead government plot.

HANK: How is cutting down on pollution a government plot, Dale?

DALE: Open up your eyes, man. They're trying to control global warming. Get it? "Global?"

HANK: So what?

DALE: That's code for U.N. commissars telling Americans what the temperature's going to be in our outdoors. I say let the world warm up, let's see what Boutros Boutros Ghali Ghali has to say about that. We'll grow oranges in Alaska!

HANK: Dale, you giblet-head, we live in Texas! It's already 110 in the summer, and if it gets one degree hotter, I'm going to kick your ass!