Friday, August 26, 2005

Now THERE's some free trade irony for you.

Who needs the funny pages when you have this?

U.S. ambassador David Wilkins says Canadian politicians should stop their ''emotional tirades'' and order the country's trade representatives back to the bargaining table to reach a final settlement on softwood lumber...

''Canada needs to come back to the table. We need to close the door, roll up our sleeves and negotiate as need be, with good faith, and bring finality to it,'' Mr. Wilkins said.

"Best four out of seven? Come on, be a pal, best four out of seven ... Shit. OK, five out of nine? Be a sport, will ya, five out of nine ..."


M@ said...

Easy to say when they're illegally holding billions of our citizens' dollars in illegal tarrifs.

But hey, they were anointed by god, so they must be right.


Cori said...

well, this is exactly the same crap that they keep pulling with the Democrats.

"Negotiate in good faith" means, "do what we tell you, and quit bitchin'."

Anonymous said...

Gawd, I hope Canada doesn't decide to take up the "invitation". I was liking the idea of a trade war.

Anonymous said...

Could we ask Pat Robertson to pray for the assassination of the president of a foreign power to the south of us?

Lindsay Stewart said...

oh jeez yeah, we fucked you, cheated you and lied to need to get all emotional. how 'bout we slide behind the big desk and make a deal. what a pack of bastards. what say we just annex wisconsin in lieu of unrepaid, illegal tarrifs...mmm cheese