Monday, August 22, 2005

People too freakin' stupid to read -- part 1,734.

So let's check in on Weasel Boy and see what sort of pathetic, Christ-inspired martyrdom he's wallowing in this week. Whoa, what's this? Apparently, WB's got his dick in a knot over the fact that there are actually people out there with different religious beliefs who might want to share them. Writes the perpetually whiny Weasel Boy:

Pagans to celebrate their beliefs and educate others

A new sense of optimism and tolerance prompted Sherry Lyon to organize the first Pagan Pride Day in Shreveport.

The two-day event will be held this weekend in hopes of educating the public about paganism beyond the stereotypes.

Yep. A "Christian Pride Day" wouldn't be proselytizing. We would only be "celebrating our beliefs and educating others." No one would complain about that. (Yeah, right!)

And isn't that just the epitome of religious hypocrisy, letting these Satanically-inspired pagans pollute the precious bodily fluids of children. Children, for Chrissake, Mandrake, children! And just how pushy and in your face are these tree huggers going to be? According to Weasel Boy:

Funny how you don't see Christian going out and "educating" the masses in publicly-held celebrations on those days like the pagans will be doing on their "Pride Day." The celebrations are limited to churches and homes.

Damn those pagans, cavorting in the streets, flaunting the very strictures of the First Amendment, celebrating ... celebrating ... um, wait a minute, let's read the actual article, shall we?

WHAT: Pagan Pride Day.
WHEN: Friday and Saturday. Doors open at 9 a.m. each day.
WHERE: All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church, 9449 Ellerbe Road in Shreveport.

Well then, one can certainly understand how infuriating it must be to have other people celebrate their own religious beliefs in the privacy of their own church. Damn them. Damn them all.

Condolences for his obvious anguish can be sent to Weasel Boy, care of the New Jersey Home for the Terminally Hateful.

OOOOH ... How ironic: I'm betting Weasel Boy's apparent dislike for public proselytizing doesn't extend to not taking public tax dollars to support his favourite religion.

I'm also thinking that, when it comes to writing about Weasel Boy, I could save buckets of time by getting a custom keyboard with the word "hypocrite" available with a single keystroke.


Jon Dursi said...

What's the smallest knot you can tie, again?

Jay McHue said...

Gosh. A small dick joke. You're what, Jonathan? Going into 6th grade this year?

Jon Dursi said...

Tell you what; get your reading comprehension up to 6th grade level, and then we'll talk. You're upset that people are having a pride day in their own church? Wah, wah, wah. You can't even hate competently. Tragic.

Slightly more interestingly, a few minutes googling shows the smallest knot in some sense is a trefoil knot, one with three crossings; you can't have a proper knot with only two crossings. So even a post about Jinx McHue can teach me something interesting; who knew?