Saturday, October 03, 2009

A trifecta of ... something.


Lord Monckton praises National Post's fearless climate skepticism

Blogging Tory JR, Lord Christopher Monckton and the National Post. If he could have worked "Hunter" and Dr. Roy in there somehow, it would have been priceless.

Oh, that would be this Lord Monckton. In case you were curious.


Chris said...

It is hardly surprising an inbread, moronic, 'two-left-shoes' twit, who's only claim to fame derives from the fact that his ancestors found some pleasure fucking around with those of, or closely associated with the Royals would find it necessary to exhibit such a profound lack of common sense.
Where I come from, we pat these ones gently on the tops of their heads and say something like: 'Better run along, and find something fun to do! There you go: such a nice little person."
In present society, they're given a platform from which to wretch their bullshit...... truly amazing.

sooey said...

Climate change denial is nothing at CanWest. It employs columnists who deny evolution.

Zombie Jesus said...

Yes it is really brave to listen to your corporate masters and say what they want you to say. What bravery in the face of orders.

My god imagine how heroic these guys are when they bravely write a column trumpeting tax cuts as the panacea to all that ails the world. Such brave souls towing the company line knowing that by doing so they ensure themselves a job and a nice pay cheque every couple of weeks.

And people called the World War two veterans the greatest generation.