Friday, May 01, 2009


Not a lot of love for Stephen Harper in the comments section here. Curiously, Mr. Stephen "Democracy and Freedom" Taylor is nowhere to be seen on this issue. I'm guessing he's pretty busy these days. Something involving sherry and cocktail weenies, I suspect.


Mike said...

Yeah, I got a reply letter from Pierre Poilievre today...the Cons are still claiming he is a security risk (despite being cleared by both the RCMP and CSIS) and that he has to get himself off of the UN list (despite there being no process to do this and despite the fact that the UN regulation he cites indicates the person can still fly back to his country of citizenship).

They are liars, all of them. And Taylor doesn't care so long as he gets a cushy think-tank welfare job or a parliamentary assistance job. He's a scumbag apparatchik.

Frank Frink said...

They serve cocktail weenies at Hy's?

sassy said...

They serve cocktail weenies at Hy's?Only if they're wearing shoes and a shirt.