Friday, May 08, 2009

In which Kate McMillan turns out to be a douchebag.

Whenever I don't feel like exerting myself, I just pop by "SDC Nation" and read one of Kate's latest screeds. Oh, look:

Nancy Pelosi knew. She knew! SHE KNEW!!! Oh, wait.

Small Dead Animals: For people too brain-damaged to hang out here.

P.S. If you really want to follow the twists and turns in this fiasco, I recommend spending some time over at EmptyWheel. It's sort of like the left-wing version of SDA, except not stupid, ignorant, shrieky, racist, pathologically dishonest and Nazi. Other than that, they're the same.


Ti-Guy said...

Figures the bilious bitch would think the only outrageous issue involving torture is that liberal complicity might go unexamined.What a moral disaster she is. Thank God she's barren.

psa said...

hmm. i don't doubt that ranking members of the house and senate, from both sides of the floor were briefed under specific circumstances. certain committees were briefed and no committee members came forward and dared do the right thing. i don't doubt that if she felt it were politically expedient, pelosi would do pretty much anything to gain and maintain power. the only real solution is cordon off the beltway, build walls, extract the hookers, junkies and other citizens who aren't fully evil and turn washington in to a gitmo styled prison camp.

after all of the twists and turns, approvals and budgets, the dems are complicit with the gop in commission of crimes against humanity, war crimes and the like. sure, they weren't at they helm but they were certainly pulling the oars and "impeachment is off the table" pelosi is high on the list of democratic party enablers and villains. where are the investigations? where are the subpoenas, arrests and trials? the dems have the power and influence now but they're kicking their toes in the dirt and whistling. perhaps barry will hold the criminals from bush's gang to task... oh wait, not interested, not happening. bizniz as usual.

both south and north of the 49th there are no good guys in the politics of the day. it all comes down to shades of turd brown, pick your favourite loaf. fie on all their houses.

psa said...

and kate is still a large sac of vinegar and water.

Ti-Guy said...

both south and north of the 49th there are no good guys in the politics of the day.

I disagree. We might be being lied to to the same extent, but Canadians will expect justice when the facts come out (vide Mulroney-Schreiber, a scandal that is 'quaint' by American standards). Americans generally, approve of "moving on" for the sake of the country. That's why nothing ever changes there and never will.

This isn't even the first time the US has engaged in torture. It's been going on for decades.

Cameron Campbell said...

Ok, so let's say that they did know, let's say they were briefed down to the last excruciating detail. Let's stipulate that shall we (though it's starting to not look that way at all)?

So. What.

That means we can charge four more people with crimes... four more, four less.. who cares?

psa said...

it ain't four more or four less. its charging somebody, anybody responsible beyond a couple of dumb fuck goober privates and grunts that took holiday snaps with their victims. where are the charges and subpoenas for any of the architects of these messes? this shit is just more of the stuff that gets covered up and swept under the rug. a couple of non-com losers will take the fall and the power brokers will wash their hands of it, declare it case closed. dem or repub justice won't get done when the beltway brats might be among those at risk.

Cameron Campbell said...

My point though PSA was that I have no idea what people like the SDA crowd think they are proving when they point out that Democrats knew or didn't know about this.

My bigger point is this: who cares?

It's illegal. Charge everyone who was involved in it. The. Lot. All.