Thursday, May 07, 2009

Dear Stephen: Brain in gear, THEN, mouth in motion.

Blogging Tory co-founder Stephen Taylor gets positively Steve Janke shrieky over the unforgivable lack of decorum:

Never get between a Liberal and his pork

We get letters! From a Conservative staffer on the Hill today…

Today, Canadian Pork Producers held a free BBQ on Parliament Hill to demonstrate to Canadians that Canadian pork is safe.

Hundreds of MP’s, Senators, and staffers from all parties waited in long lineups to express their support for Canadian pork producers and enjoy a delicious pork sandwich.

Unfortunately, Michael Ignatieff proved to be the exception. Instead of waiting like everyone else, he decided to cut in front of hundreds of people who were patiently waiting in line.

It’s obvious that, in his 34 years outside the country, he forgot that Canadians are usually courteous enough to wait in line with everyone else.

Embarrassing revelation in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

UPDATE: A former Liberal staffer (and current pork lobbyist) who is a friend writes to say that MPs from other parties were also allowed to cut the line for photo-op purposes and insists that some in fact did.

I'm thinking that if the Blogging Tories simply added an "Oops" button to their blogs, they'd save just buckets of time.


Mark Francis said...

"Never get between a Liberal and his pork"

C'mon! Wasn't the headline worth it?

Of course, if Harper cut in, he'd be praised for his efficiency.

Mike said...

If its a photo op, I goddamn guarantee Pierre Poilievre was up there mugging for the camera...

Gene Rayburn said...

"Never get between a Liberal and his pork"

The Conservatives have managed to overcome this by electing pork. Del Mastro Ham anyone?