Thursday, May 07, 2009

Blogging Tories: 'Cuz all the stupid has to go somewhere.

Keeping that hot streak going over at "Dust My Broom," it's Publius' turn to put on the retard hat:

Sheryl Crowe advised us to conserve toilet paper.

First, Pubes, my boy, it's "Crow," not "Crowe." And, second, Crow's appeal to only ever use a single square of toilet paper when the situation arose? Kind of a joke, if you were too stupid to figure it out on first reading and had to have her explain it to you.

I swear, every time I pop over to check out the BTs, it takes an hour or two for my IQ to recover.

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Ti-Guy said...

You know, it's not the eye-rolling at the do-gooder recommendations that bothers me so much. It's how the wingnuts take the analysis of their import to a whole n'other level. Per Pubis:

"In other words it's a subtle way of controlling people's behaviour. Ever carried a plate of hot food in a crowded cafeteria? Another small inconvenience from the nannies."

God, life is just a hellish libero-fascist dystopia, isn't it?

Can't we just plug these people into a matrix and draw electricity from their worthless carcasses already? If they fantasise about liberal fascism so much, I say we give it to 'em. I truly believe they'd be happier.