Saturday, July 08, 2006

The curb stomping of Ann Coulter.

Oh, man ... I've seen some sweet smackdowns of Ann Coulter's stupidity, but none of it compares to this savage and meticulous disemboweling. Enjoy.

P.S. I suspect that Ann's not going to get too uptight over that slapping, since it appears she has slightly larger problems to deal with at the moment.


Procrastinatrix said...

Ann Coulter's existence proves the theory of devolution.

Wayne said...

Ann Coulter is the Michael Moore of the right.

About 10% fact and 90% BS. Less or More.

Get this Ann: Evolution is a fact, how it works is a theory.

“Evolution is the basis of biology, biology is the basis of medicine … You’re messing with something important when you mess with evolution.” (See “Seeing Creation and Evolution in the Grand Canyon,”, October 6, 2005.)

So Ann stand true to your convictions, next time you are sick or a nut shoots you.

Don't go to the hospital, go into a bush somewhere and let God heal you, all natural like.

CC said...

Wayne wrote:

"Ann Coulter is the Michael Moore of the right."

You know, Wayne, even when you're trying to be civil, you can still be a total ass. You may not like Michael Moore but it takes real nerve to equate him to Ann Coulter.

If you can show where Moore proposed invading other countries and killing their leaders, let's see it.

If you can give us a link to where Moore suggested killing journalists en masse, we'd sure like to see that, too.

I'm not going to defend everything Moore has done, but it takes a really special human being to be as loathsome and despicable as Coulter.

So either you back up that comparison with some hard evidence, or put a sock in it.

Wayne said...

I will be more clear.

I mean they are the same in the way they deceive people and manipulate the facts.

They are the hero's (sick) of the left and right.

They are the same in that they get #1 books etc. and get more fame than they deserve.

In my opinion they both cause incredible damage for the nobodies they really are.

Moore is one or two steps over crazy, Ann is one or two steps x10 over crazy.

Next: Kos says Ann is just a lazy writer not a plagiariser. He says the plagiarism is overblown, I agree.

There is a great article on the subject at Daily-Kos, CC has probably read it already.

Zorpheous said...

Man, talk about dis-emboweling. That article is one long and serious beotch slapping, all of it sourced and backed up with hard science. This one goes into Science Folder of book marks.

Thanks for the Link CC

As for the plagiarism charges, I think Anne was spending more time on trying to figure out to distort her sources to prop up her silly ID belief and simply forget to give credit to the sources that she distorted.

I really enjoyed the Miller-Urey distortion she gave. It was such a simple experiment, easily reproduced time after time and she claims it is false because the intial experiment used a gas mixture combination that was not a match to the early Earth's atmosphere. Yet she completely fails to mention that when the new atmosphere mixture models were test, they yeilded even better results.

In effect Annie proves that different pre-life atmospheres can generate the initial build mechanisms for the origins of life.

Simply and excellent article and well worth the long read!

Also Anne is proof of a failed evolutionary mutation, now if she just turn to stone.

CC said...


I actually had a small amount of hope that you wouldn't turn out to be a total dickhead. Sadly, you've crushed that hope.

Apparently, you're still prepared to believe whatever swill you read at whatever wingnut blogs you still get all of your information, and nothing I do or say is going to change that.

So please take your act elsewhere. You have a blog, so feel free to post whatever stupidity amuses you over there.

I gave you a chance to stop acting like a jackass, and you passed on it. No more comment privileges for you, Wingnut Boy.

Simon said...

I'm just going to say it: Michael Moore has a mostly undeserved bad rap. Progressives are afraid to defend him, but he has almost always been able to offer a credible defense to charges that he manipulated facts. Let's see Coulter offer a similarily credible defense to her wild rantings.