Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Profiles in courage.

Dear Big Daddy:

Your constant droning about "ordinary, working people" and your perfect understanding of them is too, too precious – even for you. Tsk, tsk ... one would almost think you had issues with a good portion of the Canadian populace.

Yours in endlessly superior amusement,

P.S. I must admit, I do love your weaseling when asked to repeat your comments in French.

Harper's barbed shot at complaining elites attending galas came two weeks after his government was repeatedly excoriated by speaker after speaker at the televised French-language Gemini awards.

While the Conservative leader included Quebecers in his English-language pitch Tuesday - "ordinary Quebecers, like ordinary Canadians, understand that," said Harper - he declined to repeat his gala comment in French after a francophone reporter invited him to do so.

Have we suddenly misplaced our backbone, Big Daddy? If you can’t stand up to the artists in Quebec, how will you ever keep us safe from the Islamohomocommiefemifascistvegans?

Enquiring minds want to know.


Beijing York said...

If you can’t stand up to the artists in Quebec, how will you ever keep us safe from the Islamohomocommiefemifascistvegans?

I can answer for sweater vest boy. By diverting arts and culture program funds to multiculturalism and Canadian identity programs at Canadian Heritage and claiming this diversion as an increase in arts funding. New programs include outreach activities to assimilate swarthy new Canadians, especially those who might become "radicalized".

Mike said...

Prime Minister, I knew Ed Broadbent. Ed Broadbent was a friend of mine. And you, sir, are no Ed Broadbent.

(OK -- I don't know Ed, never have. But I met him once, and I have a letter from him, and I have his biography. All that counts at least a little, I suppose.)

Mike said...

If I hear him say "ordinary Canadians" again, I may take harsh and drastic measures.

Cranky Hank said...

I can't recall ever coming home and watching a gala with a bunch of government-sponsored elitists on TV. On the other hand, in the past couple of years I have watched a few Ottawa Senators' games in which stoppages in play are filled by camera shots of our beloved PM enjoying the game (in the company of a beefy Mountie) in seats going for over $125 each. I suspect that Harpo gets his tickets for free, but in the event that he paid for his seat, he still doesn't know what it's like for those of us who have to scrape together between $52 and $69 (times two) to sit in the upper level (less if you're willing to sit behind the nets) when you want to treat your kids to the thrill of seeing their hockey heroes playing live, or in special instances, to take a dying parent to his last game.

Mind you, I can't speak for hardworking, ordinary conservatives - maybe after a hard day of demolishing the world financial system, they can use a bit of the taxpayer-funded bailout money for the "Gala for Government-Sponsored Elitists Channel" on cable.

Niles said...

Oh boy is "ordinary, average Canadians" the talking point this week. In Harper's sterling rebuttal to the 'criminologists' who criticized his 'tough on youth crime' shtick this week, he said he listened to ordinary Canadians about what was going on for crime, not the elites in ivory towers.

I don't know why my jaw dropped open, but it did. Considering the many years he spent in 'ivory towers' and where one of his main 'grey' men Flanagan is still hiding out, I sure hope he's dumping the funding of student loans to universities, since Harper must be living proof nothing good can come of a university education.

I shall be awaiting my favorite 'elite' Paul Gross to let loose on him over culture.

deBeauxOs said...

I am waiting for the rest of Canada's community of artists to respond. Let's hear it from Norman Jewison and others like him, artists and creators who have observed how federal seed money has nurtured viable projects.

Cameron Campbell said...

Niles, it's just more of the attack on experts that the current crop of fucktards who call themselves rightwing.

"Common sense says" "ordinary people" "stupid elites" are all code words for "I'm about to say or do something that has no basis in reality or is backed up by science or anything beyond my need to pander to a segment of the populous that I believe will help elect me".