Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paging Godwin …

Godwin? Please pick up the white supremacist courtesy phone.

As Hurricane Gustav loomed off the coast of Louisiana, thousands of impoverished people flocked into shelters, where some of them seemed unprepared to take care of their young children's basic needs, forgetting to bring along diapers or medicine.

That heartbreaking scenario inspired Louisiana Republican State Rep. John LaBruzzo to start thinking about ways to stem generational welfare, in which many welfare recipients have children who also end up dependent on government assistance, according to the representative.

His idea -- giving $1,000 to poor women to undergo reproductive sterilization by Fallopian tube ligation -- is stirring up controversy among some medical professionals, who say that the proposal is offensive and smacks of long-discredited eugenics programs.

LaBruzzo has also suggested other controversial ideas: paying poor men to get vasectomies and giving tax incentives for college-educated wealthy couples to have more children.

You should really read the whole thing. I, on the other hand, am going back to bed and pretending that I never read it in the first place.

Via ABC News.


Southern Quebec said...

LaBruzzo seems to be cut from the same cloth as this putz:

Karma's a bitch :)

sooey said...

They should sterilize generational inheritors, I think.

The Seer said...



$700 billion US for bankers?

How about — this is just a starting point for discussion — $1 million US for conservatives?

Would it pay in the long run?

Prole said...

And here I thought eugenics was relegated to history's dustbin of douchebaggery.

The Seer said...

Lord, I have answered my own question. If we give that kind of money to women, we will raise women over men and make men subject to women. Which is unbiblical. We're going to have to hack nuts off. For the million dollar payments.

Calling all Cons . . . .