Sunday, September 28, 2008

God, I love being right: Part 5,407,129.

Hark! What ho?

Back in Town, but Not on Capitol Hill
By Elisabeth Bumiller

Updated | 5:01 p.m.: Where was John McCain? Not on Capitol Hill.

After interrupting his presidential campaign to come back to Washington on Thursday morning to try to push forward a $700 billion bailout deal, Mr. McCain remained in his condominium in Arlington, Va., until 12:30 p.m. Saturday, when he emerged and made a one-minute trip in his motorcade to his campaign headquarters around the corner.

Mr. McCain, who arrived home at 4 a.m. Saturday from the presidential debate in Oxford, Miss, could be seen in his car talking on his cell phone. But there was no word from his campaign on who he was talking to, or the extent of his involvement in ongoing negotiations.

Um ...OK. So how was Grampy McSame planning on getting involved in these negotiations for which he was so desperately required? Oh, right (emphasis leg-humpingly added):

By mid-afternoon, Mr. McCain’s closest adviser, Mark Salter, told reporters that Mr. McCain would not go to Capitol Hill on Saturday but would make phone calls to try to push the deal along. “He’s calling members on both sides, talking to people in the administration, helping out as he can,’’ Mr. Salter said.

Helping ... by phone. Now that's fucking brilliant! Who could have thought of that? Who, I ask you? Oh:

It's also not clear why [McCain] couldn't just, you know, phone it in, unless he's still trying to come to grips with those high-falutin', new telephone doodad thingies.

Being right. All the time. It's a burden I've learned to live with.

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sooey said...

There was something very "Al (I'm in charge now) Haig" about it, too.