Sunday, September 28, 2008

When dumbshit, big-mouth Blogging Tories should keep their yaps shut.

Blogging Tory Luc Schulz tries to sound all grown-up and pundity and everything:

McCain will win

Obama is performing slightly better at tonight's presidential debate, simply because he is a better speaker but I want to go on record stating John McCain will be the next President of the United States.

He doesn't ring hollow when he speaks and he knows where he wants to go and why he wants to be President. Obama simply wishes to be President.

I am taking bets as of tonight...

Of course you are, dear. So let's talk numbers, shall we?

Blogger Luc Schulz, B.A. said...

I'm saying 10 to 1 that McCain wins.

Really? I am so in on that action, Luc. Let me get my chequebook. But wait ... what's this? David wants a piece of Luc as well:

David said...

If you're up for it, let's make it a formal agreement, then.

I've got $50 for you if Obama loses, if you've got $500 for me if Obama wins. Deal? Send me an email and we'll make a electronic agreement, and save them.

If you have online banking, the loser can pay the winner via email money transfer.

At which point, well, you saw this bit of urine-soaked weaselitude coming, right?

Luc Schulz, B.A. said...

Tempting, but no thanks, I don't have 500$ to risk on the outcome of an election.

Thanks for mouthing off playing, Luc. I'm guessing that tossing out he-man, studly challenges you eventually renege on is just one of those talents you learn over there at Stephen Taylor's Aggregator for the Criminally Moronic and Terminally Uneducated. I've kind of noticed that pattern, see?

P.S. By the way, Luc, if I were you, I'd be looking for a refund for all the money you spent on that B.A. Clearly, none of that fancy book larnin' stuck. I blame the school.

Apparently, after 72 years, John McCain still can't look a black man in the eye. That's a nasty habit he might want to try to break. I'm just sayin'.


KEvron said...

all talk and no action.


Luc Schulz said...

Oh dear, I made an incorrect electoral prediction.

Please explain to me how that makes me "criminally" moronic... ???

If you can't make the difference between hyperbole and a serious statement, you might want to change your blog's name to the Disgruntled Cynic... Seriously, who's going to take a bet with some dude online that he's never met in his life?