Sunday, September 28, 2008

Reality, SUZANNE. SUZANNE, reality.

Shorter SHE of the ALL-CAPS: Pardon me while I point out all the online polls that I, along with the rest of the mouthbreathers on the right side of the blogosphere, furiously freeped in order to completely skew the results in our favour and hold them up as undeniable proof that blogs can mobilize the grassroots.

You only wish I was kidding.


sooey said...

People still have to leave their basements, though. And how likely is that?

CC said...

Suzie All-Caps self-congratulatorily strokes herself:

"I was involved in getting the word out on the Morgentaler Order of Canada Nomination."

And a rousing success that was, given the speed and savagery with which Henry was viciously stripped of his honour and ... and ... oh, wait, that never happened, did it? Sorry, my mistake. Carry on.

Keep up the good work, Suze. And as they say in Stephen Taylor land, "If at first you don't succeed, just keep fucking up and failing."

Ti-Guy said...

The basement dwelling lunatic challenged the assertion that bloggers are anti-social types with that post?

I can't laugh about this stuff anymore. It's too damn depressing.

sooey said...

Ironical. You mean ironical.