Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh, dear.

Apparently, there are things that a candidate can do that are a resigning offense. Who would have guessed, eh? Yes, RAR, that appalling "lack of caring for fellow human beings" does make Finch singularly unqualified to hold public office, doesn't it?

I don't make this stuff up. I don't have to.


AnonymousCoward said...

RAR called on him to resign.

sooey said...

The comeback for that one is, "Okay, how is Harper NOT like Hitler, then?"

AnonymousCoward said...

If I REALLY have to explain that to you then you are not worth the time.

CC said...

Credit where credit is due -- RAR did call on Ritz to resign, so kudos to him for that. But the general hypocrisy still holds: offenses that drive Canada's conservatives into frenzied calls for resignation when done by the Left are generally dismissed as no big deal when done by Conservatives.

There's a reason we say "IOKIYAC."

AnonymousCoward said...

And vice versa, case in point Thibault.

It's partisan politics after all. :)

Marie Ève said...

Thibault's words were deliberately misconstrued by the Conservatives to impart a sexist intent to them. Thibault clearly said that was not his intention yet apologized, graciously.

When a Con apologizes, such as Ritz did, there is no discernible contrition or admission of responsibility. It's merely another tactic: "Here's your damn apology, I'm only doing it for the optics."