Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Damned right ... bunch of useless parasites.

In an increasingly familiar display of disdain and contempt, Canadian PM Stephen Harper lashed out today at what he described as "government-subsidized whiners." There was some confusion until Harper clarified that he was referring to Canada's cultural and artistic elite, and not the Catholic Church.

The Church itself voiced its support for Harper, until everyone told it to just, you know, shut the fuck up and piss off.


Beijing York said...

Way to call it CC.

If ever there was an entrenched elite, it's the Catholic Church. How many people would consider Bare Naked Ladies or Rush or Avril Lavigne or Stomping Tom elite? Or how about the cast, crew and producers of "Trailer Park Boys"?

s said...

Hahaha...the Catholic Church an entrenched elite? Perhaps in pre-1960's in Quebec, but not today, unless having non-profit status makes you elite. You need to go after the Jews and the Masons...everyone knows that THEY control the world.