Sunday, September 28, 2008

That’s gonna leave a mark.

Oh my ... Frank Rich takes Grampy McSame’s geriatric ass out to the NYT woodshed and elegantly kicks the snot out of it.


CC said...

Read carefully the portion of Rich's piece in which he describes the incestuous relationship between McCain's campaign manager Rick Davis and Freddie Mac, and how McCain tried to turn the tables by accusing Obama of similar improprieties.

So who do you think would be sufficiently moronic to buy into those initial and unsubstantiated Obama rumours? Seriously, who would be that much of an insufferable hack and imbecile?

Go on. Guess.

The Seer said...

On Thursday night, September 25, 2008, when the Democrats found themselves encircled by the headlights, who's going to go "Let's just get John McCain to charge into the kill zone while we merrily run for cover?"

So when John McCain walks into the White House and finds the Democrats on the other side of the lights, how do you think he felt?

It's bad enough W fucked up Wall Street, does he have to fuck up the ambush too?

The Seer said...

Speaking about fucking up, forget the Newfie's. See

philosoraptor said...

OT: I was wondering if anyone knows where Stephen Taylor did his 'scientist' training that he claims in his bio, and what was the particular field?

Ti-Guy said...

I think it was a stint as a tech titrating urine in some lab in the US., not quite, but something like that, if memory serves.

CC said...

Stephen Taylor: Graduate research into the pecking order among the lower primates, particularly in situations of confined aggregator space.