Monday, September 29, 2008

Yeah, let's talk about the "nanny state", shall we?

Yes, wankers, why don't you tell me all about whiners who desperately need nannies? Honestly, the next right-wing, loudmouth dumbshit that starts whinging on about the "nanny state" is going to get dragged out of the bar and clubbed like a baby seal.

P.S. And speaking about whiny prats that need wet nurses to look after them, how about all those "Stealth Cons?" Yes, these are the folks who are going to courageously protect you from the horrors of international Ismalojihadimormonism ... if they ever emerge from their secure, undisclosed locations.


The Seer said...

What worries me about this is that Old Mother Hubbard, lately reincarnated as Nancy Pelosi, will use this as an excuse to implement the final solution to her penis envy issue.

Democrats are running around the entire US of A spreading the meme that Rep. John Bainerr “double-crossed” Mother Pelosi. Judging from the smirk on Rep. John’s mug as he faced the MSM following the defeat of the bailout bill, and the suppressed giggles of the Gop reps at his back, at least some Republicans share this perception.

Tuesday is Rosh Hassanah. Senate will not be in session. Everyone takes a breather. On Wednesday, they come back. Me, I'm suspicious. This looks to me like a plan. On Wednesday, I fear, Mother Pelosi will give Rep. Jim a bone of her own.

The Seer said...

Gop Reps spent the past ten days saying that the Democrats have a majority in both houses; they can pass any bill they want without Republican support.

What no one was saying is that the Democrats could pass any bill they want that Bush would sign. Which is why the Democrats spent the past ten days obsessing about “bipartisanship.”

Democrats agreed to water down the bill to the point where it would have been throwing good money after bad. But Bush would have signed it.

As an aside, this is the first time in the past eight years when the Republicans in Congress have not marched in lock-step with Dear Leader. Not that the sudden switcheroo could have surprised the Democrats who know and love their Republican friends.

What no one seems to have figured out yet is that they weren’t trying to set up House Republicans any more than they were trying to set up John McCain, though St. John has done his absolute best to squirm into the line of fire.

From the start, the idea was — how do you manouvre Dear Leader into a position where he has to sign a bill that actually solves the problem, reaches at least some of the collateral issues raised by the credit crisis, and pays for itself?

One more stab: Republicans think "news cycle;" Democrats think strategy.