Friday, September 26, 2008

What a difference drooling, batshit craziness makes.

Canada's Blogging Tories one month ago: "Oh, God, what about that Sarah Palin, isn't she just the dreamiest or what?"

Canada's Blogging Tories today: *Crickets*.


OH, THIS IS PRECIOUS: Even the lunatic wingnuts are making their way slowly to the exits.

THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING: Given time, even intellectually-crippled, right-wing dingbats will finally twig to the obvious. It just takes them weeks longer than the rest of us.


Niles said...

I look at Ms. Palin and I see an actor, a competitor in a beauty pageant. She makes sure her teeth are white and in full view and that her eyes are wide in an appealing femme way (although to me it still looks someone given the alex treatment in Clockwork Orange).

She's been taught how to perform on stage for the benefit of judges and that's what's being asked of her by 'The Boys tm'.

I don't actually blame her, no more than I blame an actor for destroying a film where the director and producers hold all the power and made all the casting, writing and production decisions. That quisling actor out there babbling in the publicity interviews is getting air time and dancing to the organ grinder. She's hungry for fame.

And she's got her 15 minutes. They give her the same treatment on Entertainment Tonight they give the other celebrities they're paid to gush over. I heard at least six references to her in a 'red swimsuit' on the show last night. And the so-called 'basting' Couric gave her was gently steamed to remove any negative wrinkles in the same mash-up, chopped to make Katie sound at least neutral.

It's the final merger between politics and Hollywood. Well, nobody went broke in Hollywood pitching movies all the way to the screen that suckethed. Whoever thought this was a good idea likely would have been at script idea sessions demanding the protagonist should have a dog, or Casablanca should be remade and called Barbwire.

Ti-Guy said...

Given time, even intellectually-crippled, right-wing dingbats will finally twig to the obvious.

These people were so looking forward to the Armageddon...a more Biblically-literal one (happening in the Middle East) or a more metaphorical one (climate crises, natural disasters, etc.). The End Times they didn't anticipate (financial ruin) was the only one that was entirely predictable.

As God said in the Bible: "Haw haw!"