Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When stupid Blogging Tories blog.

And what do we have in the festering cesspool of BT dumbassitude this morning? Oh, look:

  • "The Secrets of Vancouver" obediently regurgitates the meme of "Barack Obama: elitist". Yes, dear. But thanks for playing.

  • BT minority crime reporter "Neo Conservative" does his best to fake sincerity: "-- KABUL -- The U.S.-led coalition says three of its troops have been killed in a roadside bomb blast in southern Afghanistan. The coalition did not release any other details, including the nationalities of the troops or the blast's location." No word on whether any of those soldiers were black, so Neo's keeping the champagne on ice for the time being.

  • "Liberty is Good" opens with, "I blogged tonight at the Shotgun on a great letter by Dr. Steven Horwitz of St. Lawrence University on why the left should not blame the free market for the current financial crisis in the US ..." And that's where I stopped reading.

  • And then there's Hunter, whose posts need no commentary.

Drop by again tomorrow when stupid Blogging Tories continue to say stupid things.


Cranky Hank said...

I wonder how Janet and other free market worshipers will react to Steven Harper's take on the crisis. She may gush over Horwitz's letter to his "friends" on the left alleging that government intervention is to blame for the crisis.

According a report on the front page of today's Ottawa Citizen, Harpo lays the blame on (among other things) the lack of government regulation and oversight. It really boggles the mind to hear a Conservative Prime Minister point to the lack of government involvement as a cause for a crisis. Better yet, how is he going to reconcile this with his handling of the listeriosis tragedy?

A better explanation of some of the causes of the financial crisis can be heard on the Knowledge@Wharton podcast of September 22nd entitled "AIG Rescued but Crisis Continues". In the end, greed and stupidity prove, once again, to be a deadly combination.

Unknown said...

The Obama Elitist is hillarious..

If you watched it you'd see it's a spoof.

Vancouver is a great site