Thursday, September 25, 2008

Guilty = Time To Shed Our Rights and Principles?

It's a big time in bigot town tonight! The first conviction has come down for one of the Toronto 18... 11 actually. One of the youths charged has been convicted of plotting to storm the Parliament buildings and cut off the Prime Ministers head, detonate explosives in Toronto and generally be a very naughty fellow. From the comments at CTV's site there'll be a forest worth of wingnut tissues spent on the massed group money shot over this.

For what little it is worth, if these characters were indeed determined to carry out the foul acts described in the indictments, then convictions should come down and sentences be passed. What is baffling to me is the tone and tenor of the commentary that this sort of event generates among our forceps delivered pals on the right. Why is it that in light of this sort of decision, they immediately start squealing for the abandonment of due process, stripping of basic rights and general imitation of the sorts of harsh behaviour we're supposed to be better than. From the CTV site's comments, a few examples:

Why don't we have control over the private muslim's school's? Oh that's right, they'll cry and whine like mad!! Private muslim school's should be gone entirely. Mosques ... the exact same. You're in Canada, not the middle east. I'd like to know how many Roman Catholic, Protestant, United, etc .... churches there are in the middle east. As it's difficult to stereotype all these institutions, the unfortunate reality behind it is "some" of these institutions ruin it for the rest. Bottom line, get rid of them. They should be under the same bloody laws we are under. It's our country, somebody have the guts to take it back pls!!!!

They are, after all, a criminal, and no liberal, thug-hugging will ever change that. And do you honestly want to spout off here about how this convicted criminal should have his rights protected?

He's guilty and as such everyone should know who he is. All those guilty should be named - why are we "protecting THEM"? You commit a crime that is considered a bad one AND found guilty - you should have NO rights.

Seeing as this is the new Anti-terrorism Law. Youth Criminal Justice act NOTHING this so called kid was a TERRORIST release his name.

lets make sure this traitor goes away for a long time with no appeals.

Keep these disgraces to "ALL" societies in the country. Let them rot in our maximum security penitentaries and see how the fellow in-mates treat them. I think we all know it wouldn't be a warm welcome! And people wonder why multi-culturalism scares certain people...

I have a better place for terrorists: tie them with a steel chain in the middle of Lake Ontario.

Time to get rid of this Jihad Joe and all the rest of the terrorists.

Give it some time and we will start hearing from Activists against so-called "Islamiphobia". These of course are the same activists that try to stifle free speech from writers such as Mark steyn, yet think it perfectly acceptable to say that Jews over the age of 18 are fair targets for murder.

I'm just waiting for the hug a thug, bleeding hearts to say it was our fault. That we forced our way of life on them. Time to send this infidels to Gitmo I say.

its a shame that taxpayers' money is wasted on trials like this. if a person is found doing this they should be put away without the trial.

Where does this disfunction come from, Kevin? The "religion of peace" has a hand book. It contains complete instructions for jihad. A significant number of adherents follow it explicitly and always have. Can we say caliphate? There you go.

What the sweet fuck is wrong with people? We hear the clamour of righteousness and religiously targeted fury, the endless railing against immigrants in a country that is almost nothing but immigrants and the descendants of immigrants. With one conviction the woodwork is split asunder and these creatures pour out, pants dripping with fearsome piss, crying for the revocation of the rule of law. No rights, no citizenship, racial and religious profiling, no rights and no rule. To punish these fools they are willing to roll back all of the historic precedents that separate us from the barbaric. How is this different or better than sharia? Must we become savages to satisfy our taste for vengeance? If so, we become that which we despise. The use of terror to fight terror makes
us the terrorists. If we allow anger and emotion to propel us we are the villains in the piece.

I'm ashamed to think that so many Canadians would be willing to throw away their own rights to pursue mean vengeance. Never forget that when the rights of one are abandoned that creates precedent and precedent applies to all of us. When a swarthy character is stripped of his rights, those rights are no longer guaranteed for anyone else, regardless of skin tone. Now somebody start handing out the wet-naps, clean up in aisle Con.


Mike Brock said...

I completely agree, unfortunately. As much as you may have tried to pigeon-hole me in the past, I am all too aware of the statist tendencies that so many on the right pretend not-to-have when they don't have the reigns of power.

Frank Frink said...

Unless I missed something in the article there's no indication this was trial by jury. Found guilty by the judge. I hear no cries of 'activist judge'. Funny that.

Romantic Heretic said...

Beware when you battle monsters,
lest you become a monster.
And as you gaze into the abyss,
the abyss gazes also,
into you.

I often wonder how the wing nutters manage to overlook this passage in their reading of Nietzsche.

Lindsay Stewart said...

sorry senor brock, when did i pigeon-hole you? something to do with you exposing an anonymous author to their employer was it? or was that cc? check the byline, i didn't have much to do with that kerfuffle. anyway, thanks for your comment.

and it was trial by judge, a liberal appointed on unless i'm mistaken.

Frank Frink said...

So, the bottom line here is that we now have a precedent that you can be charged and later found guilty for something that someone else might have been doing that you actually didn't really know anything about.


Yay us! Sadly.

Ti-Guy said...

What the sweet fuck is wrong with people?

What kills me is that it's the same damn comment everywhere (CBC, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star) repeated over and over again. Either it's some conspiracy to make North American people look crazed and irrational and far more numerous than the rest of us suspect, or more likely, we're looking at what consumer culture ends up producing; homogenisation and conformity on a massive scale that benumbs the mind so thoroughly that the only thinking that occurs is brutish and primitive.

We should have looked into developing Soma in the last few years...I'm finding the screeching wearying.

Ti-Guy said...

And it doesn't help to have "analysis" like this:

"I am all too aware of the statist tendencies..."

Given the corporatisation of the state and the privatisation of public service, I don't know what "state" is being talked about here, except probably the one that occurs in the beautiful minds of loopy computer engineers.

Alison said...

"I do believe we're on the same wavelength. Cheers Alison!"

Damn it, PSA, I hate it when you put up a post very similar to mine the day before I do. ;-).