Saturday, April 01, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: He's on the move again!

According to my extensive network of spies, informants and people who simply dislike Lloydminster's Lord Baron Mullet von Cheeseburger, undischarged bankrupt and man who owes me a truckload of money Patrick Ross has been inundating social media with photos that appear to have been taken in the vicinity of the University of Saskatchewan. It is possible that Patrick is simply pining for the old days when he spent seven years at the U of Alberta without ever getting a degree, but it's also possible that the Twatster has quietly relocated back to Saskatchewan (where my garnishment order would be immediately enforceable).

In any event, if anyone has moderately reliable information as to where Patrick is these days, or where he might be employed, drop me a note at Last I heard, he was swamping for a firm called "Avenge Energy" out of Grande Prairie, but who knows if that's up to date? Anyway, if you run into Patrick, you are invited to let me know when and where, and I will in return keep you up to date on ongoing developments.

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RossOwesDay said...

Actually, Twatsy was giving a very prestigious guest lecture in this course at the University of Saskatchewan: