Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: (Real) happy interestversary, and tracking Patrick's sorry ass.

So it being the 19th of the month, today is the actual monthly interestversary (20 months now) since a judge told Patrick Ross how much he owes me and simultaneously cranked up the interest rate on that whopping amount from 2% to 5%,

making undischarged bankrupt and collection enforcement fugitive Patrick "Kid Cash Nexus Mullet Boy" Ross my personal, high-interest savings account for the next several years. But rather than just being amused spectators, you are all invited to play along.

As I mentioned yesterday, it appears that Patrick is back in Lloydminster (having seemingly bailed on his northern Alberta job as a manual labourer), and it's this apparent new development that you're welcome to participate in. And here's why.

As I've mentioned on a number of occasions, except for one application, Patrick has (very unwisely) chosen to represent himself all these years, with inevitably disastrous consequences. But there's more to Patrick being a self-represented litigant (SRL) other than his hilariously doomed filings. You see, while everyone in Canada has the right to represent themselves in legal proceedings, that freedom comes with certain responsibilities and obligations, one of the most fundamental being (and I quote) [emphasis added]:

You are responsible for learning about the court process, the rules and the law that relates to your case. The fact that you do not have a lawyer will not excuse you from having to follow court rules and processes.

Note well how the above makes it clear that even if you choose not to have a lawyer, you are still expected to respect the general rules of legal engagement, and a fundamental part of that is to communicate properly and professionally with the other side. Quite simply, the fact that you are an SRL does not give you the right to act like a petulant, evasive, dishonest weasel ... which is exactly how Patrick is behaving at the moment. Put another way, that Patrick is treating this entire legal process with utter disdain is going to bite him in his pasty ass when he gets dragged in front of a judge. Which brings us to your role in all of this.

As I have substituted service for Patrick (part of which involves sending him registered mail, which he refuses to pick up), it would be immensely helpful to have photographic proof of him (or his vehicle) comfortably nestled in his father's driveway in Lloydminster, the point being that, when I file subsequent motions addressing his lack of response to proper sub service, I will be able to prove Patrick was in fact at that residence and chose not to acknowledge said service, something that will not go over well with a judge.

So there's your opportunity to get involved ... even as Patrick refuses to acknowledge legally proper substituted service, I want indisputable proof that he is in town and, more to the point, hanging out at the very address where registered mail is being sent -- proof I will use to slap him around soundly when this gets to a courtroom.

And there you have it -- your chance to play along. Send any evidence to, with a detailed description of its back story. Operators are standing by.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone sent in photographic evidence of Patrick in Lloydminster yet?

CC said...

I'm going to keep that to myself.

MgS said...

Mr. Ross seems to be labouring under the weight of some serious misconceptions about how things work.

CC said...

MgS: It has always been thus ... Patrick brags incessantly about how well he understands the law, but when his filings get to court, they are invariably shredded.

Hilariously, he is currently advising people on how defamation law works. Good luck with that.