Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Happy (early) interestversary, and shit about to go down.

While it's a day early, there is some tail-wagging news I suspect some of you would like to know so we'll kick things off with, as of tomorrow, it will be a full 20 months since a Saskatchewan judge ruled against undischarged bankrupt and Lloydminster's village idiot Patrick "Super Kid Cash Dragon Fire" Ross, finding that he owed me over $104,000, and cranking up the accruing interest rate on that outstanding amount from 2% to 5%,

in effect, turning Patrick into an abnormally lucrative savings account for me. Now, over that time, I have managed to claw back a few thousand dollars due to the SK sheriffs' occasional seizure of Patrick's credit union account so, for now, we can call it $100,000 plus all of that 5% accruing over 20 months -- eh, let's just say that Patrick owes me around $110,000, an amount that is now increasing inexorably with each passing day. But wait ... there's more.

As regular spectators here at CC HQ will know, a while back and pursuant to my collection enforcement proceedings against Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen, the Saskatchewan sheriffs sent Patrick a voluntary financial questionnaire. To no one's surprise, Patrick ignored it entirely.

What followed was the identical but mandatory questionnaire; again, ignored totally by Patrick Ross. Which brings us to the latest development.

Following my instructions, my Saskatchewan lawyer just yesterday sent a letter to Patrick, reminding him of the above and (on my direction) giving Patrick another two weeks to do the right thing and fill out and return that questionnaire; that is, Patrick now has until Friday, April 28, to do that. And assuming that he will, as always, refuse to co-operate, here's what is going to happen.

Once that deadline passes, I will be instructing my lawyer to file a motion with the Court, compelling Patrick to complete and return that form. And how does that differ from what has happened thus far? I'm glad you asked.

The difference is that this will be an order from the Court, which means that when Patrick contemptuously refuses to fill out and return that questionnaire, he will be openly defying an order of the Court, at which time I will file to have him found in contempt, with the only way for Patrick to purge such contempt being (you guessed it) returning the questionnaire. And given the quite reasonable assumption that Patrick will not take that seriously either, I have been advised that the step after that would be having a warrant issued for Patrick's arrest. (Oh, and it is worth noting that I will be asking for costs for all of the above, which will only pile significantly more debt on top of what Patrick already owes me.)

To sum all this up, Patrick Ross now has until Friday after next to decide how he wants the rest of his life to play out. If history is any guide, he will choose unbelievably stupidly, with the consequences as I have described above, which include owing me more money, a charge and associated fine for contempt and, quite possibly, being arrested for contempt of court.

Oh, and I almost forgot -- I will be passing on all this information to the federal Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, who I have been assured have been trying to connect with Patrick about being years in arrears regarding his reporting obligations. What the OSB chooses to do with Patrick is up to them, I will ask only that they leave enough of his desiccated corpse for me to collect what Patrick owes me.

So ... any questions?

BONUS TRACK: I am still offering a $500 bounty to anyone who can provide verifiable information as to where Patrick is both living and working these days. Given Patrick's recent confirmed whereabouts in Lloydminster, it does seem that he is no longer employed by Avenge Energy in the vicinity of Grande Prairie, AB, and one source claims to have seen his Ford Escape in the driveway of his father's residence in Lloyd. In any event, if it comes to it and an arrest warrant becomes a reality, I want to be able to point the authorities in Patrick's general direction, and if that means showing up at his place of work, so be it.


Anonymous said...

Why did you give Patrick another two weeks? If he missed the deadline, why not just move on to the next step?

Anonymous said...

How much is all this going to cost you?

CC said...

Anon @ 8:58 AM: I don't know yet, but my argument will be that, given how flexible and accommodating I've been all this time -- giving Patrick chance after chance to do the right thing -- I'll be asking for substantial (if not full) indemnity; that is, whatever it costs me, I'll be asking the Court to just add that amount to Patrick's bill.

Anonymous said...

Do the judges in these various proceedings have access to a comprehensive record of Patrick's non-compliance on multiple requirements in various jurisdictions ?

CC said...

Anon @ 11:54 AM: The judges are not expected to automatically know the history of this case; it's up to me when I file an application to, at the very least, provide a summary with links to the various rulings. So, rest assured, any judge is guaranteed to know the whole sordid history of Patrick's dodging, weaving and non-compliance.

double nickel said...

I've always wondered if Patrick himself is one of the anon visitors to your site, asking various questions about next steps etc. It wouldn't surprise me, nor you I imagine!

CC said...

dn: Wouldn't surprise or bother me if it was ... he's welcome to know about the train that's about to smear him all over the tracks.

thwap said...

As you said a while ago; He is running out of road.

CC said...

thwap: He is definitely running out of places to hide, as I now have three people in the vicinity of Lloydminster who have offered to keep tabs on him and what is happening at his father's residence; specifically, reporting on if they see Patrick's Ford Escape in the driveway, or if he's seen pounding down 16,000-calorie greaseburgers at The Canadian Brewhouse, 4th Meridian or Boston Pizza.

I am done fucking around with that libelous little shit; by the end of this year, either I will have my money or Patrick will be in jail. Either way works for me.