Monday, April 24, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: A simple resolution.

In case you missed it, over the last couple of days, undischarged bankrupt Patrick "Quintuple Mullet Greaseburger Boy" Ross has gone pretty much batshit crazy on social media, reacting to someone driving by his father's residence in Lloydminster and taking a picture. Based on what appears to be a single incident of someone trying to verify Patrick's presence, Patrick claims to have made an official report to the Lloydminster RCMP, insisting that the entire neighbourhood is now living in fear, and that there is evidence that said individual is suspected of having already committed crimes including theft and burglary. He also accuses me of being the driving force behind this, and having paid someone to do this (I have not). But here's the thing, and I'm going to try to stay focused.

I am perfectly willing to admit that I have asked all and sundry to help me track down Patrick Ross, and there is a reason for that.

As most know, Patrick currently owes me over $100,000 for defaming me maliciously back in 2010 and, in the intervening years, Patrick has been remarkably successful at evading service and hiding assets. Over those years, Patrick has been served with numerous legal filings, which he has for the most part ignored or pretended he never received, and this is why this fact is important.

Given Patrick's years of non-compliance, a while back, I filed for -- and was granted -- substituted service for Patrick, which means that, rather than having to serve him personally via a process server, I am entitled to serve him by using both of the following approaches:

  1. emailing him, and
  2. sending registered mail to his alleged primary residence, where he is expected to sign for it.

As long as those two things happen, Patrick is considered by the Court to have been properly served. But here's the problem.

Over the last while, Patrick has both refused to reply to properly-sent emails, and has refused to sign for registered mail that is sent to the Lloydminster address that he insists is his primary residence for the purpose of proper and legal service. Because of this, I -- as someone who very much wants to be able to serve him -- have every right to question whether that Lloydminster address is Patrick's actual residence, and that is why I have resorted to the perfectly legal strategy of asking others to poke around and see if they can educate me on Patrick's current location. But Patrick is not taking this well, and it seems he might be crossing the line into defamation.

You see, based on what seems like a single incident of someone checking out the driveway of where Patrick claims to live, Patrick is publicly accusing the person involved as "suspected of planning burglaries, thefts or other crimes in the area." 

This is a serious and potentially defamatory accusation, and if Patrick has nothing to back it up, he could be in a truckload of trouble. But I have a truly simple resolution for all of this.

The only reason I am asking others to help me locate Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen is that, despite being legally obligated to honour the substituted service I have for him, he is hiding and refusing to reply to email or to sign for the registered mail that shows up for him. As long as Patrick insists on being hard to find, I plan on continuing to look for him, and to ask others for assistance. And if Patrick wants all this to stop?


All it would take for all this to cease is for Patrick to inform my Saskatchewan lawyer of his actual primary residence where he is prepared to sign for registered mail, and to have the courtesy to reply to emails. That's it ... it's really that simple. If Patrick simply acted professionally and honoured his legal obligations under the substituted service I have for him, none of this would be necessary. None of it.

I will say that again so that even truly stupid people can understand it: If Patrick continues to dodge and weave and evade his legal obligations, I will continue asking others to help me find him. On the other hand, if he decides to act like a grown-up and accept the properly-served legal documents sent to him, all of this stops since it becomes entirely unnecessary.

As I know Patrick reads this blog, the ball is now in his court. He can either decide to deal with this like an adult, or I will keep looking for him with every conceivable and legal means at my disposal.

It's his choice.

BONUS TRACK: In the midst of all this craziness, Patrick is once again promising to sue me for ... I have no idea, but given the current situation, he's going to have a bit of a problem.

See, Patrick does not have substituted service for me, which means that if he wants to serve me, he has to do it properly via an actual process server. Fair enough, but here's his problem.

Since Patrick insists on always representing himself, he is required to provide a proper address for legal service; that is, an address at which he is available to accept legal service. And I suspect you see what's coming.

If Patrick insists that his address is the Lloydminster one, I will dispute that, pointing out that registered mail sent there is never accepted by him. Quite simply, by concealing his actual address, Patrick has effectively disqualified himself from being able to represent himself. And if he provides a legitimate address where he really lives, I will promptly hand that over to the Saskatchewan sheriffs to do with what they will.

I guess we wait.


Anonymous said...

So Patrick is hiding from you, then files a police report because you're looking for him?

The cops are not going to like that.

Anonymous said...

If Patrick filed a police report saying someone is "suspected" of criminal activity without any evidence, that's really stupid.

Anonymous said...

Hang on ... so did Patrick actually file a police report based on making stuff up? Or is he just mouthing off as usual?

CC said...

All: Patrick did apparently file a police report with the RCMP, going so far as to name the Constable who took the report and is now in charge of the file. I have no idea if Patrick was imprudent enough to accuse *me* of criminal behaviour but, if he did, that will not end well for him.

Purple library guy said...

You know, I hate to say it, but at the rate Patrick is stalling, by the time you actually manage to get him nailed to the wall he could have had a greaseburger-induced heart attack and died.