Thursday, April 06, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: On the lam again.

I have now heard from multiple reasonably-reliable sources that undischarged bankrupt Patrick "Super Duper Nexus Dragon Fire Quintuple Threat MMA Cosplay Street Fighting Man" Ross is no longer employed in Alberta where he was apparently working up until the middle of March, and his social media makes it clear he has been skulking around Saskatoon for the last several days.

It is unclear whether Patrick has relocated for employment, but that would be an interesting development given that I have a garnishment order registered in Saskatchewan, and if I became aware that Patrick is indeed now working back in SK, and where, the Saskatchewan sheriffs are ready to go on a moment's notice to serve his employer with garnishment papers.

Over at my Twitter account, I posted a reward of $500 for any confirmable information as to where Patrick is these days and where he is working, so if anyone wants to make a few dollars, you are invited to track down Lloydminster's favourite village idiot and get that information to me.

Until then ...

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