Saturday, April 29, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Admitting he has nothing.

In the midst of Patrick Ross' current shrieking and bloviating about how furious he is over ... I have no fucking idea, and insisting that he had filed a police report with the RCMP over someone taking a picture of his house (which I neither arranged nor paid for), it is worth pointing out how Patrick -- when called on his blovating -- reluctantly conceded that he had nothing, and proceeded to frantically move the goalposts.

Here's a snippet from the "Your Lloydminster" Facebook group, where Patrick -- after howling in outrage over alleged criminal activity -- is schooled by someone who points out (quite correctly) that he has nothing:

Let's unpack the mind-melting stupidity of this phrase by Patrick:

"Frequently the issue isn't the taking of the pictures, the issue is what you were doing when you took the pictures."

"What you were doing when you took the pictures"? Let me answer that ... what you were doing when you took the pictures was ... taking the pictures. It's depressing that one has to actually explain that but ... there you go.

Note also how, when called on his bloviating, Patrick does not admit he's wrong; rather, he desperately moves the goalposts, making the incident now about intent rather than what actually took place. In short, realizing that he is full of crap, rather than own up to his full-of-crapness, Patrick immediately decides to change the subject.

And this happens more than once, as Patrick tries the same nonsense with someone else and again is educated on how the law works:

Quite simply, what the above shows is that Patrick, very reluctantly, has publicly admitted that he cannot point to anything that represents criminal behaviour, choosing instead to flail around and bitch and whine about masks and license plates, which have nothing to do with whether there was any basis to file a police report. And if Patrick continues to insist that there was law-breaking going on, I will point to these two admissions which make it clear even he doesn't believe that.

Sometimes, Patrick is his own worst enemy. And by "sometimes," I mean "always."

BONUS TRACK: As Patrick Ross recently sent me a lengthy CCed email rather than exclusively through my lawyers, he should have no expectation of privacy or privilege associated with that email, so I will reproduce just one of the early sentences:

"Please review the attached materials. Based on your client's activities, I think I will refrain from providing you or him with any kind of information, as I have good reason to doubt how it will be used."

Understand the position that Patrick is taking ... he is, based on alleged activities that would have happened in the last few days, trying to justify his last many, many weeks of contemptuous dismissal of his legal obligations.

No, it doesn't work that way.

DOUBLE PLUS BONUS: Yes, I still want any information about Patrick's whereabouts. Specifically, I want to know who or what is parking in the driveway at the Lloydminster address that most readers are now familiar with so I will not reproduce it here.

Patrick has already conceded (reluctantly) that there is nothing illegal or actionable with someone driving by, stopping, taking a picture, then driving on, as long as they stay on public property the entire time. If there is more than one vehicle in the driveway, I would be delighted to get a picture with legible license plates (although I will under no circumstances publish those license plates).

It is somewhat unclear what vehicle Patrick is driving these days, but the original rumour was a Ford Escape, so if a Ford Escape shows up in that driveway, that would be immensely valuable information to me.

Done playing around here.


RossOwesDay said...

We're not psychic, but we do have the hunch that Twatsy didn't fill out and submit his Mandatory Questionnaire by yesterday's deadline.

CC said...

I have heard nothing, but Patrick is using this latest (fabricated) incident of my supposed surveillance of his residence as an excuse to justify no longer co-operating with the legal system in any way.

He is shortly to learn that it doesn't work that way.

thwap said...

It's kind of creative how he used the guy taking the picture as an excuse to continue to not provide information. (It's a stupid excuse but there was some quick improvisation exhibited.)

Of course, as you said, his years of dodging and weaving and lying about his whereabouts has given you every justification in trying to track him down. Given that huge amount of money he owes you.

Anonymous said...

'Sometimes, Patrick is his own worst enemy. And by "sometimes," I mean "always."'
Not while you're around, I think!

CC said...

thwap: Not so creative, he's pulled that kind of shit before.