Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Let's talk about license plates, shall we?

Apparently, fugitive from bankruptcy Patrick Ross is still whinging on about the nefarious masked man that had the effrontery to (*checks notes*) stand in a public roadway and take a picture of the family property. Amusingly, Patrick's most ballyhooed bit of evidence of the maliciousness of this individual is that the associated vehicle did not have a license plate, indicating clearly the evil intentions of the driver. Patrick goes on and on and tediously on about the significance of this fact.

I have subsequently come into possession of photographic evidence that said vehicle did, in fact, have a license plate, just not where you would normally expect it, but it was indeed present, so that entire line of argument has just collapsed like a flan in a cupboard.

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P.S. No, I don't owe anyone any evidence; I've seen it for myself and I am satisfied.

LE *SIGH* ... Apparently, for the benefit of the hard of thinking, I need to explain this yet again. At the moment, Patrick "Mom, he's looking at me!!!!" Ross is currently whinging on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about the obviously nefarious intent on the part of someone who shows up in a vehicle that he claims had no license plate.

Now, unlike Patrick, I am actually interested in facts, so I dug into the matter and was subsequently assured that said vehicle was indeed licensed, the proof simply not being in the normal place on a vehicle that one expects to see it, but it was there. Patrick is invited to continue screeching dishonestly about this; I, on the other hand, took the time to check this out and am satisfied that Patrick and all of his ignorant, hillbilly neighbours are simply idiots.

P.S. We are not done with Patrick yet, as it appears he might have filed a false police report with the Lloydminster RCMP. I currently have a call in to the officer handling this alleged report, and am waiting for a callback.

Here is an abridged screenshot from a post Patrick made to a Lloydminster-wide Facebook group:

I think you see Patrick's problem here ... if he was convinced that this person was simply someone acting on my behest trying to track him down for purposes of collection enforcement (as he is in fact claiming), then the above (very public) accusation that the person was "suspected of planning burglaries, thefts or other crimes in the area" is wildly defamatory.

When I chat with the Lloyd RCMP, I will specifically ask to see the police report Patrick claims to have filed, and if Patrick did indeed insist that he had evidence that this person was a suspect in criminal activity, well, I don't think that will end well for Patrick. The cops take a very dim view of police reports filed for the purpose of childish retaliation.


double nickel said...

Driving around and casing out homes for future robberies in a vehicle with no plates is something only someone as stupid at twatsy would do.

Augray said...

I guess this pretty much confirms that Patrick is staying there.

Anonymous said...

If what you're saying is true, this looks bad for Patrick. In that Facebook group, he says that he has no idea what the person is there for, but says they're suspected of planning to commit crimes. Then he says that he DOES know what they're there for, and that they were sent by you to just take pictures to prove if he lives there.

Did Patrick really file a police report? And which claim is he making in the police report? Because he's contradicting himself.

CC said...

Anon @ 6:13 AM: You grok the situation perfectly -- Patrick is quite publicly making two mutually exclusive accusations. He is currently harassing my lawyer, claiming indisputable evidence that this whole incident was choreographed and funded by me (it was not). At the same time, he is insisting that his unidentified visitor is "suspected" of planning crimes in the area, including theft and burglary, and was there to scope out the neighbourhood. (Patrick openly admits he has no proof of this.)

These two things cannot both be true at the same time, and I am waiting to hear back from the Lloyd RCMP as to whether Patrick really filed a police report about this, and which claim he is making in that police report. Either way, Patrick is clearly lying about *something*.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. If Patrick filed a police report, what was he reporting on? Someone taking a picture of his house? Since that's not a crime, why would the police investigate?

CC said...

Anon @ 9:53 AM: That is an excellent question, and it's why I *pro-actively* contacted the Lloydminster RCMP and asked specifically to speak to the constable Patrick named as the one who took his complaint. Let me say that again so there is no misunderstanding -- I phoned *them*, they did not phone *me*.

That particular constable was not in, so I left my name, phone number and email address, and I very much want a callback so I can ask what exactly is in that police report, and so I can explain how Patrick Ross lied to her.

I am still waiting for that callback; when I get it and get answers to my questions, I will publish them.

Anonymous said...

Gotta give the guy the guy credit, though. Has there ever been a vaguer, more weasel-worded accusation than this: "They are suspected of planning burglaries, thefts or other crimes in the area"?

As an editor, I cannot help but admire the careful non-specificity of every phrase in that sentence. A completely unknown entity "is suspected" (in the passive tense) by another unnamed entity of "planning" (not actually committing) "burglaries, thefts OR other crimes" (note the genius of that "OR", which opens the door to planning rapes, murders, or acts of terrorism) "in the area" which means, of course, anywhere.

CC said...

Anon @ 2:09 PM: On the other hand, the phrase "They are suspected ..." is dangerously defamatory, since it's equivalent to saying, "We have reason to suspect ...", and if you say that about someone, you damned well better be able to back it up.

If someone said that about me and had nothing to base it on, I would have a Notice of Libel in their sweaty little hands before the sun went down. And if you don't understand the potential for defamation, think if someone said about you, "He is suspected of being a child pornographer."

Patrick truly doesn't understand the danger to himself of the shit he spews, and that's why he's an unemployed, undischarged bankrupt who appears to have moved back home at the age of almost 42 and who owes me more than $100,000.

And his life is about to get worse. Way, way worse. Because I have really, really good lawyers, and Patrick has his dizzying intellect. And that is no contest.

Anonymous said...

Over at his Twitter account, Patrick is making fun of you and adding LOL emojis to pretty much everything he tweets. I've never seen anyone with such a high opinion of his own sense of humour who is so unfunny.

CC said...

Anon @ 3:09 PM: I've actually commented on this before -- that Patrick dumps LOL emojis all over his own tweets, apparently thinking he's just hilarious, not realizing that truly funny people don't need to telegraph how they think they're funny.

In any event, I will never understand why Patrick thinks this is so knee-slappingly funny. He was found by the court to have defamed me maliciously, he filed for personal bankruptcy to escape the judgment but he behaved so unbelievably stupidly that he lost the protection of bankruptcy, he now owes me over $100,000, he is -- if history is any guide -- **NEVER** getting out of bankruptcy, and he now has weirdos showing up outside his house in Lloydminster to take pictures.

The Saskatchewan sheriffs are looking for him, the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy wants to get their hands on him, and life is about to take a serious turn for the worse for that boy.

I really don't know how he finds this funny.