Friday, April 28, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: It's deadline day.

As regular readers of this little corner of the Intertoobz will know, a while back and pursuant to my collection proceedings against Lloydminster's Patrick "Cabin in the Woods" Ross for the over $100,000 that he owes me, Patrick was delivered of a voluntary financial questionnaire by the Saskatchewan sheriffs; to no one's surprise, he ignored it.

Patrick was then delivered of the very same but mandatory version of that questionnaire. You'll never guess what happened next. Go on, guess. You'll never guess. OK ... he ignored that one, too.

As I am a generous and accommodating man, I graciously gave Patrick until today -- Friday, April 28, 2023 -- to honour his legal obligation and return a properly filled out form chronicling his financial details. Instead, Patrick is now insisting -- in a totally mind-bending interpretation of jurisprudence -- that because someone (who I had neither hired nor paid) showed up at his claimed residence, took a picture and left that he has no further legal responsibilities here.

It doesn't work that way, today is still the deadline, and if Patrick chooses to blow this off, things are going to happen, and they will be more serious and considerably more expensive for Patrick, but that is a choice he will have to make before the end of today.

The end.

P.S. OK, not the end. I am still perfectly fine with people who run across Patrick keeping me informed of his whereabouts. One of his recent tweets claims he's back in Grande Prairie, but Patrick does love to play games and spew misdirection so I would still be watching for him in the Lloyd, just to play it safe.

And, yes, you might want to be discreet if you take a picture, as Patrick has promised physical violence against anyone he thinks is invading his privacy, so ... let's be careful out there.


Anonymous said...

Have you figured out what kind of vehicle Twatsy drives? You once said it was a Ford Escape, but that recent picture shows an old pickup truck and a Chevy 4x4 Avalanche.

CC said...

Anon @ 5:46 AM: You are correct in that I once claimed that Patrick drove a Ford Escape, but that might have been misinformation. What is significant about that recent picture of two vehicles in the driveway of Casa Ross in Lloydminster is that the vehicle on the right -- what pretty clearly seems to be a Chevy Avalanche -- has what appears to be an Autobots emblem on the tailgate, and a correspondent assures me that he once read about Patrick putting just that sort of childish stick-on on his vehicle, although I have no actual evidence.

Also (and significantly), if anyone is in the vicinity of Casa Ross in Lloydminster, Patrick has -- in a Facebook posting -- very reluctantly conceded that there is absolutely nothing criminal or illegal about someone driving by and taking a picture (as long as they refrain from trespassing). So regardless of how much Patrick wants to bluster about alleged stalking and harassment and filing reports with the RCMP, he has admitted that there is nothing he can do about it from a legal perspective.

I will have more on that in a subsequent post.

P.S. I do, in fact, have the license plates of both vehicles in that picture; I chose to crop them to respect the privacy of the owners/drivers but, rest assured, I have them.

Anonymous said...

Do we get a hint as to what is coming next? I've been following Patsy on Twitter and he is lashing out at just about everyone, and saying all kinds of stupid things about how the law works. He seems to be panicking.

CC said...

Anon @ 7:36 AM: No more info I want to share yet ... next week fer shure. And, yes, numerous people are letting me know how Patrick seems to be descending into a panicked lashing out at, well, everyone. None of that is relevant for imminent legal proceedings.

Purple library guy said...

So the upshot of the Ford thing is . . . there is no Escape. ;)

CC said...

PLG: Whatever vehicle Patrick drives, it will become obvious if it's seen on a regular basis in that driveway.